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SockJSRouter #

Bases: object

SockJS protocol router

__init__(connection, prefix='', user_settings={}, io_loop=None, session_kls=None) #


connection SockJSConnection class prefix Connection prefix user_settings Settings dictionary io_loop Optional IOLoop instance

apply_routes(routes) #

Feed list of the URLs to the routes list. Returns list

broadcast(clients, msg) #

Optimized broadcast implementation. Depending on type of the session, will json-encode message once and will call either send_message or send_jsonifed.

clients Clients iterable msg Message to send

create_session(session_id, register=True) #

Creates new session object and returns it.

request Request that created the session. Will be used to get query string parameters and cookies register Should be session registered in a storage. Websockets don't need it.

get_connection_class() #

Return associated connection class

get_session(session_id) #

Get session by session id

session_id Session id

urls() property #

List of the URLs to be added to the Tornado application

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