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OctoPrintPermission(name, description, *needs, **kwargs) #

Bases: Permission

allows(identity) #

Whether the identity can access this permission. Overridden from Permission.allows to make sure the Identity provides ALL required needs instead of ANY required need.


difference(other) #

Create a new OctoPrintPermission consisting of requirements in this permission and not in the other.

union(other) #

Create a new OctoPrintPermission with the requirements of the union of this and other.


PluginIdentityContext(key, http_exception = None) #

Identity context for not initialized Permissions

Needed to support @Permissions.PLUGIN_X_Y.require()

Will search the permission when needed

http_exception = http_exception instance-attribute #

The permission of this principal

identity property #

The identity of this principal

can() #

Whether the identity has access to the permission

PluginPermissionDecorator(key) #

Bases: Permission

Decorator Class for not initialized Permissions

Needed to support @Permissions.PLUGIN_X_Y.require()