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append_value_command(ctx, path, value, as_json=False) #

Appends value to list behind config path.

cli(ctx) #

Basic config manipulation.

effective_command(ctx, as_json=False, as_yaml=False, as_raw=False) #

Retrieves the full effective config.

get_command(ctx, path, as_json=False, as_yaml=False, as_raw=False) #

Retrieves value from config path.

insert_value_command(ctx, path, index, value, as_json=False) #

Inserts value at index of list behind config key.

remove_command(ctx, path) #

Removes a config path.

remove_value_command(ctx, path, value, as_json=False) #

Removes value from list at config path.

set_command(ctx, path, value, as_bool, as_float, as_int, as_json) #

Sets a config path to the provided value.

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