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ActionConfig #

Bases: BaseModel

action: str class-attribute #

The identifier used internally to identify the action. Set to divider to generate a divider in the menu.

async_: bool = Field(False, alias='async') class-attribute #

Whether to run the command asynchronously.

command: Optional[str] = None class-attribute #

The command to execute when the action is selected. Must be set if the action is not a divider.

confirm: Optional[str] = None class-attribute #

An optional confirmation message to show before executing the command.

name: Optional[str] = None class-attribute #

The name of the action that will be shown on the menu. Must be set if the action is not a divider.

SystemConfig #

Bases: BaseModel

actions: List[ActionConfig] = [] class-attribute #

A list of system actions to show in the UI.

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