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TemperatureConfig #

Bases: BaseModel

cutoff: int = 30 class-attribute instance-attribute #

Cut off time for the temperature data, in minutes.

profiles: List[TemperatureProfile] = [TemperatureProfile(name='ABS', extruder=210, bed=100), TemperatureProfile(name='PLA', extruder=180, bed=60)] class-attribute instance-attribute #

Temperature profiles to offer in the UI for quick pre-heating.

sendAutomatically: bool = False class-attribute instance-attribute #

Whether to send new temperature settings made in the UI automatically.

sendAutomaticallyAfter: int = 1 class-attribute instance-attribute #

After what time to send the new temperature settings automatically, in seconds.

TemperatureProfile #

Bases: BaseModel

bed: int instance-attribute #

Bed temperature to set with the profile.

extruder: int instance-attribute #

Hotend temperature to set with the profile.

name: str instance-attribute #

Name of the profile.